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The transition program (reading readiness) is based on the development of skills necessary to read and write. They also learn social skills, the wonders of God's world, and the reality of God's love. 

Teaching through games, songs and stories. 

Mandatory study areas:

math: math


Word Building:word construction


Social Studies:Social studies

LEVELS 1 - 6

​Areas of study  mandatory:

  • Spanish:English grammar, writing and reading. 

  • word building: construction of words, vocabulary and spelling in English.

  • Math:math

  • Science:natural Sciences

  • Social Studies:social studies

  • Spanish

  • Projects:Learning history and geography of Colombia

(Math, science and social areas are available in Spanish)


  • Literature and creative writing(Levels 2-8): Encourages creative thinking and writing.

  • bible reading: guides the student towards a basic knowledge biblical.

  • animal science(Levels 1-2): Motivates reading through teaching about animal science.


Mandatory study areas:

  • español

  • word building

  • math

  • Science

  • social studies

  • Spanish

  • Basic Literature: teaches different types of literature, students must read at least 6 books in the school year, encouraging creative thinking.

  • Projects: Learning history and geography of Colombia


  • Music: introduces the student to different instruments, to read musical notes and to recognize musical genres.

  • Oratory: learn effective oratory, voice management, breathing, gestures and movements.

  • Greek: uses the New Testament as a base, teaches vocabulary, grammar, syntax, among others.

  • French: Learn through reading and listening.

  • Art:introduces the student to the world of art and its techniques.

LEVELS 9 -12

Mandatory study areas:

  • Spanish: English

  • Etymology (level 9): etymology

  • Math-Algebra & Trigonometry: Algebra and trigonometry

  • Science: Natural Sciences

  • World Geography: World Geography

  • world history: World history

  • US Civics (level 12): US Citizenship

  • American History (level 11): American history

  • Economics (level 12): Economy

  • Spanish

  • Literature: Literature


  • Business electives: business

  • Bible electives: Bible

  • Fine Arts electives: fine arts

  • Government electives: Government

  • Health electives: Basic teaching on the well-being of the human body and its health.

  • Language electives: languages

  • Missions: participate in missions and learn about evangelism.

  • Music

  • Oratory

  • Greek

  • French

At levels 9 -12  all areas and optional areas are taught in English.


The conventional style textbook has been taken and broken down into small, achievable working texts called PACEs (Package of Accelerated Christian Education). Each PACE is similar to a unit in a textbook. Each level consists of 12 PACEs in each subject. PACEs integrate God's character development lessons into academic content, and self-instruction activities are carefully designed to develop thinking skills and build mastery of learning.

Unlike a classroom environment in which a teacher teaches students, the curriculum at Centro de Aprendizaje Vida Nueva, CAVN allows students to read the material for themselves, answer questions, and then assess their understanding of the information. subject. Whether the student is a high achiever or a moderate pace student, the CAVN curriculum progresses to the exact level of the student's ability.

Marble Surface

We have integrated History and Geography of Colombia into our curriculum through learning acquired through projects. Our students each trimester must work in groups developing a themeconcerning a Colombia.

It is dynamic and fun, it requires guided research, we have guest specialists and we reinforce teamwork and oral expression so that our students know every corner, law and history of their country.

Recorrido por la Sala de exposiciones

school hours

Monday to Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 2:50 p.m. 

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