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What grades does the College have?

From Transition up to 12 °

How can parents support their children's education?

Your role in this process is to motivate, encourage, control and discipline when necessary.

Provide a quiet and bright place that avoids distractions.

Meet with staff for post-work day learning.

Encourage the dress code.

Can you enter any time of the year?

Yes, as it is personalized education, the student can start their learning process at any time of the year.

From what age can the student start at the College?

The student should be ready to start at the transition level.

Do you have qualified and bilingual teachers?

Yes, our teachers are ACE certified and have years of experience in bilingual education.

What curriculum does the College use?

Colegio Vida Nueva uses the ACE School of Tomorrow curriculum from the United States of America.

What degree do I get when I graduate from Colegio Vida Nueva?

International Baccalaureate: Four diploma options.


2.College Preparatory




Depending on the credits.

How much time should I spend studying?

six and a half hours a day from Monday to Friday

Does the College manage the procedures for the state exam "ICFES"?

Yes, the College offers this service.

What is ACE?

ACE, the acronym for Accelerated Christian Education, is a program created in the United States to train people with bibliocentric principles and values, covering all areas of knowledge.

Is the College completely bilingual?

The elementary curriculum is taught in English and Spanish. In high school all areas are taught in English.

Where is the main office?

It is located in the Santa Lucia neighborhood, two blocks behind the CUN.

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