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The Padrino Program consists of developing a medium that contributes financially to the Christian education of children from Christian families in the city of Santa Marta.

Who benefits?

It benefits sponsored students by giving them the opportunity to develop their skills and gifts through the training they receive.


It benefits the families of those sponsored by allowing them to have within their family a son who will be formed to be a minister of the Lord.


It benefits the sponsor knowing that his financial contribution is allowing the formation of a person who will be a future leader with biblical principles and values.

What is the purpose?

Ensure that children in the city of Santa Marta receive a type of education based on biblical principles and values, which cares about their future as human beings and future leaders of their family, neighborhood, city, country and the world.

Why was it created?

To support Christian families in the city of Santa Marta, who are very interested in having their children study at the Vida Nueva Learning Center,  who require support so that their children can be educated in CAVN. 

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