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On this page you can see, read and listen to the different projects that the students of CA Vida Nueva have worked on. Each Quarter (a period of 9 weeks) students are dedicated to developing a project focused on Colombian Social Studies. It is a joint work that allows students to learn about the history and geography of our country, as well as propose ideas that transform it.

Come in and discover this untold story, narrated by the students!

Colombia: a country to know

Have you ever traveled through Colombia? Do you know its regions and tourist attractions? In this project the students designed a travel plan to different regions of our country, they designed their own travel agency. We invite you to learn about some of these tourist plans.

Santa Marta Can you imagine it?

We always look for new challenges for our students, this time we ask them to imagine their city of residence, Santa Marta. Using the Minecraft video game, the students designed a model of how they imagine it in the future. What they imagined is: a cycle route with a botanical garden on the roads most used by cyclists in the city, urban neighborhood greenhouses to feed the residents of the sector and where the elderly can spend their time, an underground city and a hospital self-sufficient  You can see a little in the following video:

America: The Untold Story

As a magazine, we want to give rise to the writing and creative design of each CA Vida Nueva student, reflecting what they have investigated:

1.) Our origins from the creation of Adam and Eve.

2.) Who inhabited the lands of the American continent before the arrival of Columbus?

3.) Expedition members and adventurers from around the world who visited this territory today known as America.




Los Rios y tú

Este es el resultado final de 9 semanas de investigación y aprendizajes sobre las cuencas de los ríos principales de nuestro biodiverso país Colombia. 

Los estudiantes de CVN crearon ilustraciones, cuentos, poemas, adivinanzas y trabalenguas inspirados en los ríos, su fauna y su flora.

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